The Girls Rule! School: Final term of 2012-2013

As I mentioned here and here, the Girls Rule! School operates year-round. Our academic year begins in August, and for the last few years, our studies have sorted themselves into three terms of unequal length: August through December (five months), January through April (four months), and May through July (three months). Rather than taking an extended break of any sort, we generally enjoy relaxed periods of study that usually coincide with the winter holidays, the conclusion of winter swim season, and the conclusion of summer swim season. (For us, "relaxed" means, minimally, math-music-literature, but also includes wrapping up aspects of independent study projects, working on neglected art pursuits, and taking additional field trips, particularly those related to birding or nature study.)

For a number of reasons, our third and final term of our 2012-2013 academic year concluded in mid-August. Here are a few fun highlights:

Shakespeare studies: 
■ Richard III 
■ Much Ado about Nothing 
■ Macbeth (review / revisit / reread)
■ The Comedy of Errors 
■ Othello (review / revisit / reread) *  

The Metamorphosis
(Franz Kafka)

Poetry 180: A Poem a Day for American High Schools
Poetry Out Loud

Henry VIII at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater
Othello: The Remix at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater (yes, again and again and *blush* again)
Oklahoma! at the Lyric Opera

The Misanthrope at the Court Theatre
Wicked at the Uihlein Hall / Marcus Center (Milwaukee) 
Macbeth at the Illinois Shakespeare Festival  

■ Yo-Yo Ma at Chicago Symphony Center

■ Art Institute of Chicago: "Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity"

■ Miss M-mv(i)'s second violin recital

■ Swim camp at [insert college name here]
■ Architectural tour (from Navy Pier)
■ Behind-the-scenes tour for Chicago Symphony Orchestra donors

■ Behind-the-scenes tour at the Illinois Shakespeare Festival
■ White Sox v. New York Yankees
■ Bristol Renaissance Faire
■ Six summer season swim meets: two rec team and four USA Swimming (including three two-day LCM meets and the state Swimming Summer Regional Championship Meets)

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