Othello: The Remix

Sorry for the spotty image quality.

Othello: The Remix was slated to close Sunday, July 28, and the Misses wanted to go to the closing show. Heck, we all did, but in the original plan, we would have still have been downstate for the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. That's 3.5 hours, one way, and our second festival play was scheduled to run until four. We thought it was cutting it much too close and settled on one of the last Remix shows -- Thursday, July 25.

On July 18, though, we learned that the the run had been extended for one more week! We quickly swapped our tickets for the final show, which was August 4. Woot! Woot!

Yes, it was our fourth time. No, it didn't get old. Yes, they were even more amazing on the closing afternoon.

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