River and Lake Architectural Tour

It rained during the entire drive in. And it was still raining when we parked. We stopped by the ticket booth to confirm our reservation. And it rained on. We picked up coffee and went to wait in line. It stopped raining... and began again. But the weather began to break about two-thirds of the way into the tour, around the Sears Tower (because no one calls it Willis Tower). And we had a terrific time. No, really. We had a blast.

After we changed into dry clothes and had lunch, we went to see Othello: The Remix for, yes, the third time. While waiting in the lobby, we met GQ and rode up the elevator with him and with his brother, JQ. (The Q Brothers wrote and are part of the five-man crew that performs the "ad-rap-tation" of Othello.)

So cool. So very, very cool.

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ChristineMM said...

I did that river tour once, with an architecture class with my college. Great photo opportunities. Sorry it rained on you.