And still more adventures

Othello: The Remix at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater
As I mentioned here, we so loved this CST production when we saw it in early April that we decided to return. It may not have been the finest bit of planning to choose a Saturday evening performance on the holiday weekend (since the theater is located on Navy Pier, a huge tourist attraction), but the show was even better than the first time and certainly well worth braving the crowds. (Reviews here and here.)

The Misanthrope at the Court Theatre
Earlier that afternoon, we attended a terrific performance of The Misanthrope. As I mentioned, we read Molière's play in anticipation of seeing The School for Lies (a retelling of The Misanthrope) at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. While we greatly enjoyed that, we appreciated seeing "the original" -- particularly this cleverly staged production. (Review here.)

■ We also had time for two 9.3-mile bike rides* and a three-mile walk at the Volo Bog State Natural Area this weekend.

* Which puts us at only 78.3 miles so far this biking season. We've been walking a lot more, though, so, as they say, it all works out.

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