This week's adventures

■ A 9.3-mile bike ride -- the first of the season

■ "Picasso and Chicago" at the Art Institute of Chicago

■ A trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo -- 57 sunny degrees on Lake Michigan

■  Measure for Measure at the Goodman Theatre

■ A large NY-style pizza from Cafe Luigi 

■ A 4.3-mile bike ride

■ A delicious meal at Fat Willy's

Othello: The Remix at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater -- Reviews here and here. If you're in the area, do NOT miss this.


Renee said...

So how was Measure for Measure? Was it shocking?

Girl Detective said...

How did they stage the end of MfM? Did Isabella accept--willingly or grudgingly or not at all--the Duke's advances?

Mental multivitamin said...

@Girl Detective, spoiler alert, spoiler alert! The Duke is depicted as a man as depraved as any of Mistress Overdone's clients. In fact, the opening scene is an extended peek through the windows of such a place, and he is just concluding his business there.

He lusts for Isabelle from their introduction, a sort of mirror to Angelo's behavior.

At the conclusion, when he declares that what is his is hers and what's hers is his... insert eyebrow arch... she is gobsmacked, insulted, bewildered.

Then Falls delivers the surprise ending that is not in the text but that works. The death of a certain character at the hand of a certain freed character precludes the need for an answer.

I can be more specific in email, if you want.

@Renee, not as shocking as was proclaimed, but certainly seedy, sexual, and in your face, particularly the opening ten minutes.