It snowed on the first three Tuesdays of March.

And that made all of us playful.

March was a month of accomplishments and adventures: The Misses obtained their permits, finished their driver education course, and began putting a dent in their fifty-hour behind-the-wheel requirement. We attended the end-of-season award banquet, and the Misses returned home with ribbons, plaques, and an abiding sense of satisfaction. We saw Frank Vignola in concert, per a request from Mr. M-mv and Miss M-mv(ii), who continue to study guitar. We also saw Sweet Charity at the Writers' Theater, a delight in every way. And Miss M-mv(ii) became a certified lifeguard. (Yes, I cried just a bit. Has it really been two years since Miss M-mv(i) did the same? And eight years since their brother did? My baby is not a baby and has not been for a long time now. I grow old... I grow old...)


lemon said...

My love to the mother of all those lifeguards-for she is a kind of lifeguard too, for us, here.

(I am reading Ian Rankin-proudly in english!- these days!
And, do you know The Sister Fidelma stories, by Peter Tremayne? If not, give it a try, I think it's absolutely worth it.
And Michel Deon's The Taxi Mauve, and The Savage Ponnies.

The above are the recent "light windows" in my life, so I would like to share them with you.)

Mental multivitamin said...

Thank you! I ordered the first in the Sister Fidelma series. The Deon is beyond me, however: I cannot read French.