An "old" woman. Reading.

My fervent hope was that my hair would be at least this long by May.

(It's the little things, isn't it? Well, it always has been.)

Then I saw this image. (Sorry for the blur. Mr. M-mv is many good things, but photographer -- or even "focuser" -- is not one of them.)

May is out of the question, obviously. We're looking at August. At least. Maybe even October. Sigh. Grow, hair! Grow!

Anyway. Is it just me, or does the image to the left (which is -- GASP! -- six years old (!)) bear a faint resemblance to this one?

Yes, Rembrandt's An Old Woman Reading (1655).

You see, the new title was really just a neat bit of synchronicity / serendipity / synthesis:

1. I've been jokingly calling myself "old woman" -- or "'old' woman" -- since I turned, oh, forty, and now that I am on the cusp of fifty, well, it seems practically fitting.

2. Over the winter break, we saw Rembrandt's Portrait of the Artist (ca. 1665) at the Milwaukee Museum of Art (which hosted "Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Gainsborough: The Treasures of Kenwood House, London through January 13). This led us to revisit some of our materials on the artist, which, in turn, led to my (re)discovery of  An Old Woman Reading (1655).

3. Earlier this month, I went in search of an image to show my new stylist: This! This is the goal! And I found the image in this post.

4. Last week, as I cast about for new ideas for this place on the web, I came across a drawing I did for one of our art classes a few years ago: An old woman. The old woman in the sidebar, in fact.

In my head, it all made sense.

(What made the most sense, of course, was simply shutting down after I had downloaded a copy of nearly ten years' worth of thoughts and images. But I couldn't. quite. do. it. Not yet.)

Hence, An Old Woman Reading.


Robin McCormack said...

Okay, interesting direction to take. I guess we'll be old women reading together since I'm 3 years older. Although I don't feel ancient. But the face of the woman in the sidebar has wisdom in her eyes. So are you feeling old and wise? What about little ole woman reading?

Beth said...

Well, I'm very glad you're still here. Some of my best blogging friends have stepped away and I do miss them! Welcome to a new season, new name.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you couldn't quite. Do. It. Yet.

I would miss you. Your thoughts, links, updates on studies, book lists( oh I love love love when you list out all you've read with a little notes as to your thoughts. Not too much info to give it away or crowd out my own thoughts about the book from forming as I read it... But just enough to make me say ,'huh. I need to check that out ... Might be a good read...'.).

Thanks for that... And for sticking around.


Diana said...

I paid for an unmaintained url with six years of thoughts and images on it for another three years before finally, just this week, taking a deep breath and letting it go. Not renewing.

I have the backups but they are not accessible until I do *something* with them, which I have not figured out yet but have faith that I will be able to at some point. (Or more honestly, that I will be able to talk my teenage son into doing at some point.)

So I understand. After the initial terror it felt freeing to let it go.

I can't tell you how many of your blog posts I have bookmarked, though. I actually use your entries for my own learning and would miss your blog very much if it were to go away. Very much.

lemon said...

Thank god I do not understand some English expressions very well, so I did not understand you meant to shut down this blog, I just found it out through the comments...
Some things in life seem to be steady like the earth, and there come times when earth moves and we feel shakened.
You are a mental-multivitamin to us, you are not an old woman reading (hence, reading you are!).
Do not disappear, please.
It is not the books that you read, nor the amount of them, neither your life, your family, your bardolatry, that I like.
It is the way you think and the way you put it into words. It is a speck of hope that such people do exist, even in the other side of the world.
I know I should respect your decision, and I do, but I hope that the time for you to go will take as long as possible.

Sheila Beaumont said...

Your new blog title came as a surprise, to say the least. I wondered why my browser kept taking me to the wrong URL, until I finally realized why I kept getting "An Old Woman Reading."

If you're old, I guess I'm ancient. But I don't even feel old, I still feel young. I hope you're not aging yourself prematurely.

Well, whatever you call yourself, I do hope you continue blogging, as I've been enjoying your posts for many years and would miss them if they went away.

Girl Detective said...

I like the ironic juxtaposition, intended with the Rembrandt old woman's book and your EW, but also because she's old, and you with your bangs look like you could be as young as your daughters, so most def. not old.

Something to think about: bangs require maintenance. Growing out hair to mostly one length requires very little.

rosiemomma said...

I love the new name. Just turned 40 so I'll try to relate. :) I'll add my voice to those who would be so sad if you decided to be done blogging. So many things on here I refer to regularly and that encourage me to learn with and teach my kids the way I really want to. You've inspired me to new heights and I am grateful. Looking forward to what awaits!!

Sherry said...

Can't quit reading. Can't quit thinking. Can't quit learning. Please don't quit writing.

ChristineMM said...

Please don't stop blogging. Since blogger is free (assume you use the free version) would you leave it here even if you post less?

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