Warming up before the recital


Heather T said...

How lovely for one of the misses to accompany the other. Seeing them in their "concert blacks" reminds me of my girls. Both my misses have been playing violin since they were wee girls and occasionally play duets. More often though they play solos and we pay an accompanist. My older miss today received an email from the Symphony Orchestra she auditioned for in September asking her to sub in for the next concert. She is thrilled to have the opportunity and we are thrilled for her.

Anonymous said...

Do tell use what they played.

A Circle of Quiet said...

I have very fond memories of my two oldest playing a duet for a recital. Very sweet.

I love how at home each girl looks with her instrument.


Mental multivitamin said...

Thank you, Diane and Heather.

Anonymous, they played "Gavotte" (Fran├žois Joseph Gossec) from Suzuki Book 1. The Misses have been studying piano for six years, but Miss M-mv(i) only began studying violin eight months ago, so she just wrapped up the first book in early October.