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First Love (Ivan Turgenev)

Fiction. Robin of 52 Books 52 Weeks declared April "Read a Russian Author" month. I generally skip challenges, but two posts in my reader prompted me not to: this one and this from The Paris Review blog, each of which mentioned Turgenev's novella. What a heartbreaking, old-fashioned slip of a book. (Check out this review at Reading Matters.)

In grad school, someone pressed Fathers and Sons on me, but I resisted. For twenty years, I have resisted. I'm not even certain it is still on my shelves, but given how much I appreciated the deceptive simplicity of First Love, I must reconsider.

A complete list of books read in 2012 can be found here.


Isabella Kratynski said...

Do reconsider -- it's beautiful! Funny how/why we resist certain books. I can think of a few I wish I'd read years earlier but some silly reason kept me from them.

Sherry said...

I've never read Turgenev, but he's on my nebulous-in-my-mind list. Maybe First Love would be a good starting place.

Thanks for linking to the Saturday Review in your sidebar. We're just blog buddies from way back, and it's fun to have a few "long-term" blog relationships that I can depend upon.

Mental multivitamin said...

@Isabella Fathers and Sons *was* on my shelves and is now on my TBR. Thank you for the gentle encouragement.

@Sherry You're so very welcome. I love the Review, and I, too, appreciate the long-term blogging relationships I've established.

Both of you have a wonderful Mother's Day!