Bits and bobs

● I've only completed four of the books in the stack pictured at left. A fifth is nearly done; a sixth and seventh have been picked up and set aside so many times, I fear that they will be shelved. And forgotten. For now. The eighth, ninth, and tenth? Partially read, partially read, and shelved simply because I'm not up for it yet.

Which are which? Check back on Tuesday or Wednesday for my monthly "reading life review," found under the "On the nightstand" label.

● With a nine-mile ride on Friday afternoon and a 12.5-mile ride this morning, we brought our total miles ridden since late May to 346.5.

● The Misses and I are six episodes into the last season of "LOST." (Related entry here.) They've already expressed their desire to "reread" the entire series after watching all of the special features included with this set. "Fine by me," I agreed.

● Speaking of the Misses: We met nearly all of our goals for our (So short! Where did it go?) summer term.

● The leaves have been falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling for about two weeks. I will yield on Monday, September 6. No sooner. It is summer. And tomorrow we're going to the beach. Shhhh. Don't tell the Misses. It is to be my surprise for them. Muffins, coffee, and the slanting sun, cool breezes, and empty beaches. All for them.

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